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Nerdminer Project

The NerdSoloMiner v2 - Project is a free and open source project that let you try to reach a bitcoin block with a small piece of hardware. It is like playing the lottery but the main aim of this project is to let you learn more about bitcoin mining and to have a beautiful piece of hardware at home at your desktop or even to go.

The Project uses a LILYGO T-Display-S3 ESP32-S3 1.9 inch LCD Display Development Board with WIFI and Bluetooth. A dual-core LX7 microprocessor is installed. Flash memory: 16MB, PSRAM: 8MB, working with 3.3V power supply.

Power usage is less than a conventional light bulb (~1.55W)
Hash rate is approximately: 55.5KH/s (on newest Software version 1.6.1 - old is 20.5KH/s)

Power consumption details:
Device 5V | 0.14A | 0.71W (using a measuring device)
Black Fan 5V | 0.126A | 0.63W (manufacturer information)
RGB Fan 5V | 0.13A | 0.65W (manufacturer information)

Lottery Ticket: If you are very very lucky and find a block alone with your solo miner you get almost* the full current block reward, which is currently 6.25 Bitcoin.

*you are still using a mining pool service and need to pay a small fee

You can find the open source code and the standard 3d printer files on github.

If you want a ready to use finalized product you can get your nerdminer at satoshistore and can even customize it with your corporate design.


  • Carolina Amaya

    How much is the price and how do you ship it to any country in the world, shipping cost, are there any restrictions?

  • Thorsten

    I flashed three ESD WROOM 32 boards with trhe actual nerdminer firmware. That worked like a charm. I was able to connect mylaptop with the device and setup the wifi connection. After that the devices connect to my router and get an IP. But I can’t open the status or setup page anymore over the new ip. When I directly connect the device to my computer and access via putty (serial) I can see that the device is working. But it will be nice to check that over the webpage, because my developer boards have no display I can’t see if it’s working or not.
    Thank you and best regards


    @Michael – please refer to our setup, usage, troubleshoot article >

  • Michael

    Hi there, wifi setup in doen, but it is showing waiting for setup , not connecting to the internet!

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