Bitcoin Runners X Team Satoshi Runners T-Shirts

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Bitcoin Runners X Team Satoshi Runners T-Shirts

We are happy to announce our cooperation with Bitcoin Runners and Team Satoshi for the runners’ gear. We want to spread the Bitcoin word together as this message needs to get out. Shop your Bitcoin Runners Shirt here. 

Team Satoshi  is a sports team. They create awareness for bitcoin and bring forward the decentralization of money and power. They believe in a world of global, open, neutral, censorship-resistant and decentralized sound money for the people. They organize private sports challenges and local sports teams as well as contribute to public sports events. They advocate for human rights, the cypherpunk manifesto and the bitcoin whitepaper. Sportswomen and sportsmen can become part of team satoshi anywhere in the world and are encouraged to start own projects/ challenges/ teams. In return for creating mainstream awareness and bringing bitcoin adoption forward, participants/ teams can get sponsored by collecting donations from the bitcoin community and/ or through other forms of sponsorship. They support sports, art and other forms of creativity & community engagement. You can follow them on Twitter @TeamsatoshiO or visit their website.  Big thanks to the founder Vitus Zeller.  

Bitcoin Runners is a global, permissionless, borderless running club at the intersection of two social movements that empower sovereignty over one's wealth while improving health. They have two main drivers: Firstly to widen the adoption of bitcoin and to socialize its use as a global currency. Secondly, to encourage more people into running and so to enjoy the wonderful life-changing benefits it offers. For runners who don’t bitcoin: they’re here to help separate the signal from the noise and give you the knowledge and the tools to get ahead of the curve, to secure your future without relying on a sick financial system. For bitcoiners who don’t run: this club is here to open up a new world of health, fitness and friendship. For existing bitcoiners who run it’s time to have some fun! Pickup a shirt and spread the good word of Satoshi. The want to help you make new and meaningful social and business connections, both locally and internationally. You can follow them on Twitter @BitcoinRunners or have a look at their website. Big thanks to the founder of Bitcoin Runners Richard Taylor who is one hell of a runner, friend and bitcoiner.

When we first met in person in Amsterdam at the Bitcoin Conference Amsterdam in October 2022, we did kind of a triathlon. At first had a fun run around Amsterdam with a few betcoiners, then we rode a bike to the canals and for the grand final we took a bath in the freezing cold canals of Amsterdam. For some people this seems ridiculous but for us sporty bitcoiner this is exactly the challenge we want and need. We want to step out of our comfort zone to become better, fitter and most importantly healthier.


We started our first meeting with an OPSEC photoshoot <3

The run around Amsterdam with the little JodlHODLer

Doing what you need to do in Amsterdam. 

Swimming in the canal with proper bitcoin swim gear <3

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