Bitcoin Runners Men’s Breathable Tank Top

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For each sold T-Shirt 21,000 Sats will be donated to the ALS Foundation for Hal Finney. Check out: Running Bitcoin Challenge

Bitcoin Runners is a global, permissionless, borderless running club at the intersection of two social movements that empower sovereignty over one's wealth while improving health. You can follow them on Twitter @BitcoinRunners. Thanks to the founder Richard Taylor

Team Satoshi advocates for universal human rights, privacy (cypherpunk ideas) and bitcoin. You can follow them on Twitter @TeamsatoshiOThanks to the founder Vitus Zeller 

This super light sports tank top is guaranteed to team up with you. The special Just Cool Neoteric™ fabrics help you stay dry when running, climbing and shooting goals.

  • Breathable and fast drying fabrics (140 g/m²)
  • High-quality fashioning with double-stitched seams
  • Sporty fit (seems longer in back than front)
  • Printed neck label 
  • Material: 100% polyester
Men’s Breathable Tank Top
Normal fit
S 670 mm 440 mm
M 700 mm 480 mm
L 730 mm 520 mm
XL 760 mm 560 mm
XXL 790 mm 600 mm