The Price of Tomorrow (German Version) from Jeff Booth

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Why deflation is the key to tomorrow's prosperity

Technological progress is happening faster than we can comprehend. In a world that is moving faster than we can imagine, we cannot afford to stand still. We must create a new framework for our local and global economies, and soon. Otherwise, the same technologies that would have the power to bring prosperity to us and our world will instead destroy it. In this extraordinary book, Jeff Booth, a leader and CEO in e-commerce and technology, describes the technological and economic realities that are shaping our present and our future, and the choices we face as we move into the future - a potentially alarming but also very hopeful situation.

About the Author:

Jeff Booth
Jeff Booth is a visionary leader who has lived on the front lines of technological change for 20 years. He led BuildDirect, a technology company aimed at simplifying the construction industry, for nearly two decades through the dot-com meltdown, the 2008 financial crisis, and many waves of technological disruption. Jeff has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch,, The Globe and Mail, BNN, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, TIME and The Wall Street Journal. In 2015, he was named Person of the Year by the BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA), and in 2016, Goldman Sachs named him one of the 100 Most Interesting Entrepreneurs. He is a founding partner of OtioLabs, co-founder of and NocNoc, and sits on the boards of Terramera, Cubic Farms, LlamaZOO, Synthiam, and the Richmond Hospital Foundation, as well as numerous advisory boards. He has been a member of the Young Presidents Organization since 2004 and serves as a Founding Fellow in the Creative Destruction Lab.