Signed Version "Europe in intensive care" by Rahim Taghizadegan with 21 stickers (German Version)

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Set with 1 signed book and 21 stickers.

When parts of Europe became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, the shock was great. Europe will suffer from the consequences for a long time to come. The patient hangs on the hoses of supposedly limitless artificial liquidity. The medical analogy goes astonishingly far: comorbidity is the term of the hour. In classifying the disease process, attention must be paid to the previous illnesses, the reasons for immune deficiency and neglected prevention. The virus reveals the failure of institutions, especially pan-European ones. But even the national ones, which present themselves as crisis saviors capable of taking action, require critical analysis. The current episode will accelerate the replacement of the West's leadership position, the Eurodollar area. Many measures taken, instead of being attempts to extinguish the fire, will prove to be accelerants. This economic crisis is not a temporary blip. It is an expression of the lack of stability of economic houses of cards, declining learning capacity and growing torpor. This pandemic will not bring doom. But it could be an impetus to move away from Western overconfidence and toward a realistic self-image. Only with a new sobriety will it be possible to find true optimism.