Signed Version "The end of the paper money age" by Rahim Taghizadegan with 21 stickers (German Version)

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 Set with 1 signed book and 21 stickers.

"The end of the paper money age, for all its dangers, offers an incredible opportunity. We should not shed a tear for the false prosperity that has made our environment uglier, more mendacious and colder. On the basis of more solid values, real prosperity could grow, giving meaning and fulfillment to human freedom. But for this to happen, we need to wake up from comfortable illusions, muster a lot of courage, confidence and entrepreneurial creativity, and take back into our own hands the things we have delegated to false elites. Roland Baader has proven how an individual outside the institutions, without loans and subsidies, without mass media attention and pandering to the zeitgeist, can spark more enthusiasm and provide more enlightenment as a private scholar than hundreds of professors and publicists put together. Change in thinking always comes first, then in doing. This encouraging message is Roland Baader's legacy: the core of freedom and responsibility is that it does not take majorities to do things differently. The truly significant changes often come from the smallest minority - the individual." Rahim Taghizadegan