Coinfinity Bitcoin Blinks (GERMAN VERSION)

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Everything about Bitcoin at a glance

In a world where understanding money and finance is becoming increasingly important, Coinfinity's “Bitcoin Blinks” are an indispensable guide. This little book is based on the belief that education - particularly in the area of ​​Bitcoin and monetary theory - should be as easily accessible as possible.

True to the motto “Bringing Bitcoin to the People”, the “Bitcoin Blinks” are dedicated to educating people about Bitcoin and aim to impart in-depth knowledge. We understand that the complexity of Bitcoin can often seem daunting. However, this book aims to present the topic in a compact and well-prepared form in order to promote the acceptance and adoption of Bitcoin.

It contains the first 21 of over 40 “Blinks” in which the core concepts of Bitcoin, money and economics are presented in easy-to-understand language. The Blinks were specially developed to make the topics tangible and understandable for you and your friends. From the basics of blockchain technology to advanced concepts in monetary theory, this book offers a quick and easy look into the world of digital money.

Whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies or want to help others get started, this book is the perfect companion on your journey through the fascinating world of Bitcoin and beyond. It's time to take control of your financial future and gain a deeper understanding of 21st century money.