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Bitcoin Card Wallet from Coinfinity

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The Card Wallet is the easy way to keep Bitcoin safe in the long term. Please read the FAQs from Card Wallet powered by Coinfinity and the detailed description below before the purchase.


The Card Wallet is the ideal solution for storing Bitcoin in the long term, offline and secure. It is not pre-loaded with Bitcoin. The images shown here are symbolic, the actual product may differ slightly in design.


High-quality security materials and tamper-proof features prevent the manipulation of the card.

  1. Tactile security features
  2. Hologram
  3. Security slits
  4. Security seal
  5. ChainLockCode
  6. Forgery-proof features

Watch the description: 

Technical specifications

The card wallet has the format of a standard debit card of 85mm x 54mm. The card is made of polycarbonate, a laser imprints private key and bitcoin address onto it. The private key is already sealed in a tamper-proof way during the production process.

Order and delivery

An order is currently limited to 10 pieces. You can place several orders, which are then sent separately.