Alpha Six: NPSx92 The Nano Web (German Version)

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An attack on the German Chancellor and the French President fails because it was a trap for a much larger threat. Why does the Federal Intelligence Service use heads of state as decoys and targets?

The kidnapping of a young chemist who invented a new top-secret repellent appears to be related. The top politicians only survived through their genius. Eric Ritter, the BND's new top man, is rushed across Europe to tie the threads. And then there are the Americans. They're playing their own game again. Are they a friend or are they the enemy? In the end people die, but peace in Europe remains - for this time.

Eric Knight is Alpha Six

Germany's foreign intelligence service, the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), has moved to Berlin. The old guard of the best secret agents and spies who fought, deceived, tricked and constantly risked their lives during the Cold War are in well-deserved retirement. The ones that survived.

After long years of moderate insignificance, the Germans are now again among the best in the world. Eric Ritter, whom everyone calls Alpha Six, is valued by friend and foe alike. Friends call on him for help, enemies fear him like the plague. But sometimes friends become enemies and other times enemies become friends. Knight doesn't care. He wants people to continue to live in peace.

Joe Martin

With over three decades of experience as a technology journalist, keynote speaker, and book author, Joe Martin is a leading authority on Bitcoin and its impact on the global economy.

His extensive knowledge and expertise have made him one of the most respected and sought-after Bitcoin explainers in Germany. In addition to his work as a journalist, he was also instrumental in the successful launch of Bitcoin offerings and solutions for various banks. His books on bitcoin and the economy have received critical acclaim and recognition for their insightful analysis and practical guidance. Whether speaking in front of large audiences or face-to-face with clients, Joe's passion for technology and deep understanding of Bitcoin continues to inspire and educate those around him.

Basically, the Bitcoin blockchain is the next stage of the digital revolution. A direct consequence of the Silicon Valley story. The Difference: This time it's everywhere, not just in the alluring California Valley.

For over 30 years, Joe has been studying the psychological factors that motivate people to make decisions, such as buying something or completing a task. Those who understand people's psychology can optimally satisfy their needs and attract great employees.

Joe has developed easy-to-use and very efficient motivational and communication models based on psychological research that optimally motivate people, through which salespeople regularly achieve top sales and enable companies to put together top teams and attract the right employees.

In addition to psychological research, he also deals with the latest technology, because this will change the way we communicate and work in the long term.

Therefore, existing systems have to be adapted accordingly in modern times. The underlying psychological factors don't change, but the ways in which they are activated do change. The combination is the success factor.

He is also a child of the computer age and technology and is passionate about history.