21 Lessions (German Version) from Gigi

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My journey down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

This is a somewhat unusual book. But hey, Bitcoin is a somewhat unusual technology, so an unusual book about Bitcoin is probably fitting. This book came about because of a simple question, "What did you learn from Bitcoin?" I believe that Bitcoin is the most important invention of our time and more people need to understand the nature of this invention. Bitcoin is still one of the most misunderstood phenomena of our modern world, and it took me years to fully realize the significance of this alien technology. Realizing what Bitcoin is and how it will change our society is a profound experience. I hope to paraphrase the cornerstones that could lead to that realization in this book. In short, this is simply a book about Bitcoin written by a Bitcoiner. Bitcoin does not need this book, and you probably do not need this book to understand Bitcoin. I believe that Bitcoin will be understood as soon as you are ready to understand it. And I also believe that the first fractions of a Bitcoin will find their way to you as soon as you are ready to receive them. Essentially, the orange penny will drop for everyone, individually, at the right time. In the meantime, Bitcoin simply exists, and that's enough.

About the Author 

Gigi is a Bitcoiner and software engineer who writes words and code about Bitcoin. His first book, 21 Lessons, is one of the most recommended books among bitcoiners. He has started several projects in the bitcoin space and is currently working on his second book, 21 Ways. His main focus is on privacy, security, free software and education.