Our mission is to offer every Bitcoiner the opportunity to share his or her Bitcoin statement outfit with the world and subsequently administer the Orange Pill, in a subtle way. We want to make it possible for every individual to find their favorite design. Whether the design is bold, a meme, minimalist or OpSec friendly, we have something for everyone. We cater for all ages from babies, with our original block-time body suites, shirts with the Satsymbol, BIP-39 words or formulas for the OGs amongst us. 

If you have an original design idea, and to share it with others, we are happy to fulfil it. Just drop us  an email with the subject “design idea” to hello@satoshistore.io. We would love to see your bitcoin design ideas set free.



We are Bitcoiners by conviction and know that no Bitcoiner wants to buy clothes to throw away. Buying is about individuality, high quality and sustainability, because we want long lasting clothes to be able to stack as many sats as possible. We love sustainability and high quality, because only by living with a low time preference we make a difference for future generations and show that the throwaway society has no future. So treat yourself to a high quality garment that has a long life and spread the message of the hardest money in the world.



It all started with an irrepressible will to break free from the hamster wheel. Doing the same thing day in and day out, and not being able to improve or change the world paved the way for this Bitcoin ONLY merchandise store. 

When I finally realized that we work to afford our luxuries that we don't even need, I radically changed my life. I limited my consumption, brought only things I  really needed and stopped chasing ideals that a fiat money society has  instilled in me. 

Now you may ask, why am I building a store promoting consumption? Well, first of all I wanted to offer high quality and sustainable products. Since we don't all want to look the same, it's important to be able to offer different designs, colors and cuts. Everybody can choose his or her favorite piece from more than 500 products and only when you place an order will your garment be produced., which makes us a zero waste business.Furthermore the fact to offer Bitcoin ONLY merchandise was of enormous importance to us, because it is the most direct route to a better, abundant future. The distraction of other coins has no place, because it only slows down our progress. Bitcoin is not only one of the greatest revolution of our time, but also the key to a future in rich with personal freedoms, and like  a glass body in a glass house.



If you wish to launch your own collection, we have a dedicated Pleb to Pleb department. Bitcoiners are creative and full of energy and we want to support these qualities. Just write us and we will find a way to publish your collection under your name/pseudonym, or however you like it.



We have various collections with non-profit organizations, companies, associations and influencers. We are always happy to showcase  new collaborations to spread your Bitcoin ONLY message. For example, we proudly offer the following collections: Bitcoin Ekasi, Niko, BTC Pay Server, Einundzwanzig, Bitcoin Runners, Pocket Bitcoin, Alby and we hope to see many more in the future.


Bitcoin is freedom 
<3 Janine