SHAmory Bitcoin Card Game and Goodnight Bitcoin Book

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SHAmory Bitcoin Card Game and Goodnight Bitcoin Book

We now have the SHAmory Bitcoin Card Game and the Goodnight Bitcoin Book for all you Plebs in stock.

The Goodnight Bitcoin MOVIE is here on YOUTUBE

How to play the SHAmory card game?




Game play can adjust from easy to very hard, just like Bitcoin mining. There are 14 Nonce cards that say Difficulty Adjustment on them. The more you use, the harder the game will be. We recommend starting by using 3, especially for the younger kids. As your mining skills grow, feel free to keep adding more. Discard all excess Difficulty Adjustment cards prior to game play.



Add 1 Difficulty Adjustment card to the 11 Nonce monster cards. Place the remaining Difficulty Adjustment cards you have chosen to play with in a stack to the side. So if you are playing with 3, 2 would be stacked to the side.

Shuffle the Nonce cards, including the 1 Nonce Difficulty Adjustment card you added, and spread them out face down as if you were going to play a game of memory.

TIP: Leave enough space between cards to add in more Difficulty Adjustment cards as you play!



Make separate stacks of the Attack and Reward cards and place the 2 stacks to the side where you have the Difficulty Adjustment stack of cards. You should now have 3 total stacks of cards to the side, ignoring the extra discarded Difficulty Adjustment cards you have chosen not to use.



Give the 11 Target cards a shuffle and stack them to the side as well, flipping the top card so the monster side is showing.



Stack all of the Block cards face down. Make sure block height 0 is on top and 10 is on the bottom. 



Each player will take turns rolling the dice. Players actions based on their roll are:

Flip over one Nonce card, looking to match the monster on the current Target card.
Your blockchain is under attack! Place one Attack card alongside the lowest card of the blockchain.


Let’s Start Mining


  • The goal of the game is to mine the blockchain to the block height of 10 by guessing the correct Nonce card that matches the current Target card.
  • Find a match? Great! Flip over the first Block card (height 0) and place it to the side. Keep building the chain from 0 – 10 each time a Target and Nonce match are found. Remove Nonce cards each time a match is found. Take one Reward card for your hard mining work!
  • If the Attack cards ever get longer than your blockchain a 51% attack has occurred and the game starts over. If a player rolls an Attack prior to any blocks being mined do not place an Attack card down and simply skip their turn.
  • If a Difficulty Adjustment card is flipped over place one more Difficulty Adjustment card down and that players turn is skipped. Keep the flipped Difficulty Adjustment card in game play. If a player flips a Difficulty Adjustment and there are no cards left to add that players turn is skipped.
  • The player with the most bitcoin rewards once the blockchain has been mined to a block height of 10 wins!

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