Guest on Was Bitcoin Bringt. with Niko Jilch

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Guest on Was Bitcoin Bringt. with Niko Jilch

In August 2022, I made my first appearance on Was Bitcoin bringt. and got to talk about my journey to get out of the hamster wheel. Check out my story on Was Bitcoin bringt. It was a great pleasure to talk to Niko in Vienna about my way into self-employment, because Niko also hung up the employee relationship at the beginning of 2022. We dared this step into freedom each for himself/herself, but still together through the path into the depths of the Bitcoin rabbit hole. Because the further you go down the rabbit hole, the more inevitable the desire for freedom and independence becomes.

Since Niko is also a creative Bitcoiner full of drive, it was bound to happen that he launches his own Niko Collection at our store. Check out the Niko Collection with Was Bitcoin bringt. and the Fix the money. and with the code Niko05 you can save 5% on your entire purchase with us.

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  • Roland

    Super coole show und der talk war nice ;-)

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