Plebs Picnic in Seefeld

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Plebs Picnic in Seefeld

On 06.08.2022 our Tyrolean Bitcoin Einundzwanzig Community Innsbruck (Twitter @einundzwanzing_I Website supported by the Bitcoin Conference BTC22 ( organized a Plebs Picnic at the Strandperle in Seefeld. Of course, the possibility to pay with Lightning was not missing.

One day before the event, we went to the Strandperle to give the host the orange pill. After a short conversation the host was convinced and he only had to install a wallet and stick the Bitcoin accepted sticker on his front door. After all, what would a Bitcoin Plebs picnic be without the ability to pay with Bitcoin Lightning. 

We are at our mission to orange pill. 

Bitcoin accepted! 

The day of the picnic could have been better, but we Bitcoiners are used to bad weather and therefore don't let it ruin our day. At 10 o'clock in the morning the day started with a glass and after everyone was equipped with a cool Bitcoin outfit, we could already try out the Stand Up Paddles. With the SUP we explored the lake and did enough POW to earn the delicious food from the Strandperle. Everything could be paid in Sats and every single person circulated his/her Sats, because Bitcoin is not only a "Store of Value" but also a "Medium of exchange". Also Alois the beekeeper and musician @musikertreff had his legendary Cyberbee Honey with him and received Sats for his delicious honey.

All in all it was a super day with euphoric Bitcoin plebs who don't let the mainstream media drag them down and believe and work for a better future for themselves and their kids. A big thank you to the Strandperle in Seefeld who made it possible for us to spend a nice day at the lake. Another big thank you to Peter and Lukas from BTC22 who donated us the SUPs and a champagne bowl with beer and sparkling wine.

Keep Stacking Sats Plebs <3

<3 Janine

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