BTC Pay Server Collection

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BTC Pay Server Collection

For all those who always wanted to have a BTC Pay Server hoodie or t-shirt, we have the great design in different variations in our store as BTC Pay Server Collection for everyone.


BTC Pay Server is a great way to accept Bitcoin without fees and middle man in your business for example. Everything is open source and available for anyone to use, whether as a company or as an individual. We also use BTC Pay Server at our store and are very satisfied. Great listing of all invoices, invoices can be added manually, pull payments are available and of course the great point-of-sale, which was already in use at the BTC22 in Innsbruck.

To give something back to this great project and to support the further development, 50% of the profit will be donated back to BTC Pay Server. HODL your BTC Pay Server merch, support the project and spread the word - 3 birds with one stone, it doesn't get much better than that.

If you want more info about BTC Pay Server check out the website or Twitter @btcpayserver.

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