Bitcoin Pizza Day

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Bitcoin Pizza Day

Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated every year on May 22 and is a real holiday for Bitcoin enthusiasts. The day is celebrated by paying for pizzas with Bitcoins around the world to commemorate the incredible exchange on May 22, 2010. On that day, 2 pizzas were bought for an incredible 10,000 BTC.

This exchange went down in our fledgling Bitcoin history as the first documented exchange of Bitcoins for an actual commodity value. Bitcoin fans know that American programmer Laszlo Hanyecz made this incredible purchase, only from today's perspective, of course.

The value of 10,000 BTC at the time was approximately at $24. However, this is difficult to comprehend, as the value of a currency only comes from acceptance, demand and value. At that time, only very few people knew what success story this new currency would write and therefore the pizza exchange could also have been a minus business for the pizza maker.

However, as we know today, it was the starting signal for a new era - the era of decentralization. If Laszlo Hanyecz had hoarded the 10,000 BTC by today, he would be a multimillionaire today.

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