Signed Version "The Alpine Philosophy" by Rahim Taghizadegan with 21 stickers (German Version)

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Set with 1 signed book and 21 stickers.

The Alps - a dreamlike natural landscape that magically attracts city dwellers, vacationers and locals. But what is the fascination with country life, the love of nature and the mountains actually based? What forgotten knowledge lies dormant in the winding valleys, small villages and cozy inns? Two philosophers, the Iranian-born Rahim Taghizadegan and the Viennese Eugen Maria Schulak, have set off in search of forgotten wisdom and values. They traveled through the Alpine region in Austria, southern Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. They visited farms, alpine pastures and peaks. They listened attentively to farmers and craftsmen. Inspired by this multitude of impressions, they created a philosophical panorama of the Alps. Discover with the two philosophers the beautiful sides of the simple life!

"Rahim Taghizadegan, born Iranian in 1979, grew up in Austria. He studied physics, economics and sociology in Vienna and Lausanne and now works as an economic philosopher. Taghizadegan taught at numerous universities in Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany and founded the Institute for Value Economy in 2006. He is also a research assistant at the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein. He lives mostly in Vienna, but his wife currently lives in Bern, so he regularly commutes across the Alps.

Eugen Maria Schulak, born in Vienna in 1963, studied guitar, psychology, history and philosophy with a doctorate under Konrad Paul Liessmann. He founded the Philosophical Practice in Vienna in 1998 and co-founded the Siemens Academy of Life in 1999; since 2008, he has been philosophically engaged at the Institute for Value Economy. Schulak is a guest lecturer at numerous colleges and universities and works in Vienna as a philosophical consultant, increasingly also as a musician again (The Fiery Rosebuds). The Alps are part of his most beautiful childhood memories".