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The SeedMint is a Free Open Source Hardware (FOSH) tool designed to easily secure your 12 or 24 bitcoin backup words (mnemonic seed phrase) on highly durable 316L stainless steel washers. It is designed for maximum quality and durability and is machined out of CK45 steel and MS58 brass.

Using the letter and number punches (included in this bundle) you can stamp the index number (01 to 12 or 24) as well as the significant characters (first four letters) of each word onto one washer. This will result in 12 or 24 stamped washers with one word on each. Additional washers can be stamped with any relevant information you would like to secure in combination with your seed. This additional information may include but is not limited to: seed creation date, seed creation block height, master fingerprint, derivation path, wallet name, passphrase (store in a separate location), multisig scheme, or xpub.

The stamped washers can be held on a 316L stainless steel screw, fastened by a self-locking nut, and stored in a secure location as an ultimate backup.

Included in this bundle:

  • 1x SeedMint
  • 1x number punch set (0-9) (6,4mm shaft)
  • 1x letter punch set (a-z, &) (6,4mm shaft)
  • 1x 65 ml bottle of Ballistol silicone oil
  • 100x washer 6,4mm 316L stainless steel (DIN 9021)
  • 3x screw m6x60 316L stainless steel (DIN 6921)
  • 3x screw m6x35 316L stainless steel (DIN 6921)
  • 6x self-locking nut m6 316L stainless steel (DIN 6926)